How do we define music? Is it always good to hear? What categorizes it along the spectrum of pleasant to unnecessary noise? Is it bounded by the notion that it should be played or sung? As in Musicmany facets of the arts, we find it hard to define music or any other art form due to the unending evolution from one generation to the next. From the classical to the modern era of music, in between these two are years of artistic expression that gave birth to several types, branches and subcategories of music and, in a sense, its genres.

There are so many genres now that it isn’t surprising if the evolutionary tree of music will require Linnaeus’ help to organize properly where each type of music belongs. Google them. Learning about its history and the people who established what music is to society is surely easy. Music is a staple entrée in the menu of life, thus, it is guaranteed that articles and hits on it will be plentiful. However, learning these technicalities is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some just like listening, playing, and enjoying the art of it. Some also express themselves by composing songs and orchestrating symphonies for others to hear.

genres-of-musicYet again, since the concept of art is not bounded and rigid as the sciences, different art forms tend to overlap. With this, we know that music is present in our everyday lives, everywhere. It gives movie directors that advantage to keep a scene silent in terms of dialogue, but full of emotions with music. It heightens and fires up the excitement in road trips and parties. It just generally creates that added atmosphere through the sense of hearing, and probably no one dislikes it for its totality. People love music.

However, with the growing idea of people and the expanding intellect of every generation, some may have forgotten the simpler forms of it. Most say great music pertain to songs and compositions, but let us never forget the cliché pickup lines like, “Your voice is music to my ears.” Not that it is of much relevance literally, but because it shows that music is not limited to instruments and singing.

During the early ages, when humans haven’t constructed sentences and clear words to express, music was different. It will never be known for sure if they’ve regarded the sounds they make during rituals and such as music, but we, people of today, consider them such. The tribal and ethnic groups with their distinct sound calls is also music. The nature of lush trees and rushing waters that surrounded them has its own music. The animals’ calls and movements that give rainforests that satisfying feeling every traveler desires are music to the recipient.

Up to this day, although less in abundance, nature still thrives and the music of it reminds us of its necessity to survive. However, not all will see it this way. Some may hate the rainforest atmosphere and all those husky and leaves brushing sounds it contains. In contrast to that city escape fulfillment, whatever lies within the vast flora are faunas that can’t always be good news.

The same goes for all types of music genres and singing voices.

Each listener has his or her own set of likes and dislikes, and taste in music differs from one to another. Our individuality makes the music industry flourish and evolve, as labels and records out compete each other by catering to all types of listeners. If you are the type who goes for slow, chill, RnB type of songs and meets someone who expresses his love for music, but instead, for heavy metal, its either you freak out a bit or learn more about it. The diversity aids in both distinction and unison of the people of this globe. Having the option of both belonging in a group and branching out to another is the beauty of it.

As the aforementioned cliché goes, even words without melody can be music. It just goes to show that music is not just all about songs. Sometimes, it also includes random sounds and certain voices. Its immense depth and complexity cannot be defined by just one, but by every recipient for every different kind of music out there.

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