Five Famous Motivational Speakers

Motivational Speakers Motivational speakers are there to motivate or inspire a group of people. There can talk about any topic under the sun, and have a way of eliciting strong reactions from their audiences. Good motivational speakers know how to connect with their audiences and impress upon them to be better.

There are many motivational speakers for different topics and issues, but here are some that stand out above the rest. These speakers have come a long way to overcome their hardships and many have become famous figures and sources of inspiration to different people around the world. Here are some of the most famous speakers known for their motivational impact and what they impart:

1. Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is nicknamed the “hip-hop preacher.” He was a high school dropout and was homeless until he met a preacher who changed his life. He is known for being blunt and for inspiring people to chase success even though times seem to be hard. According to Eric Thomas, success could take years to achieve and someone who wants to be successful needs to make sacrifices. But he says that if a person is really committed to being successful, then in the end, the sacrifices and hardship will be worth it, and he will be successful.

2. Les Brown

Les Brown was given up for adoption a few days after he was born and was deemed “mentally retarded” while growing up. This caused him to develop self-esteem problems, which becomes one of the driving points in his talks – loving oneself and having self-confidence.

Motivational Speakers

He pins his adopted mother and a preacher as his main sources of inspiration to do better and reach his true potential. Les Brown teaches people to aim high and not be afraid of believing in themselves. One of the important lessons he parts to his audiences is that people fail because they’re content with setting the bar low and staying that way, as opposed to setting it high and trying to reach it.

3. Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is one of the more famous motivational speakers, as it’s hard to miss him. Born without any arms or legs, Nick had to struggle to learn how to do daily tasks by himself. His talks are usually humor-filled, with him making fun of himself and his struggles. He shows that just because someone is born with a disability, doesn’t mean that they can’t succeed. He teaches people to keep going and to never give up. Nick Vujicic has written several books and has been cast in a couple of inspiring short films.

  1. Zig Ziglar

Ever since 1970, Zig Ziglar has traveled to give the inspiring talk to many people around the world. He worked as a salesman before becoming a motivational speaker and has written several best-selling books. His talks aim to inspire people to improve their lives, and to welcome change. In 2007, he suffered a fall down a flight of stairs that left him with short-term memory problems, but nonetheless still continued to give motivational speeches. He passed away in 2012.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The famous actor and bodybuilder are also known to be one of the best motivational speakers. Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about his work ethic, self-discipline, and how success could be hard to obtain, but possible if someone works hard. He impresses upon his audiences that it’s through the struggles that a person faces that they become stronger and that they have to be stubborn enough to chase what they want. He believes that someone needs to be determined and stay determined in order to achieve his goals, despite what others might say.

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